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Wormtub 10 Year Old Batch 4 Whisky

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Bottle Size: 70cl

Back with a fourth batch, and thank goodness – it's the tremendous Wormtub 10 Year Old! Weighing in at 56.9% ABV, this single malt hails from the same undisclosed Speyside distillery as previous batches, a distillery that is known for using a worm tub condenser... that little nugget of information ought to be enough for a few among you to work out which one we're on about. The whisky was reracked into first-fill sherry casks during its 10-year maturation before being bottled at cask strength, without chill filtration or added colour. Yep, that glorious hue is all from time in the cask.

Worm tub condensers are a classic bit of distilling equipment made up of long copper coiled tubes housed in cold water in a large vat. These days, many have been replaced by more efficient shell and tube condensers, which is a shame, because (as this splendid expression so expertly demonstrates) worm tubs can create distinctive, heavy, robust flavours that are prized by distillers and whisky enthusiasts alike.

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