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Welcome to

MAFFEI Home Of Havana

Welcome to Maffei Home Of Havana. We are a family run business, my two children and myself have been established since 2018. We aim to give our customers the best advice and help with cigars and accessories as not everyone is experienced and this helps them through the journey and this wonderful industry. Cigars have been part of my life since I was 17 and have loved everything about them ever since. We decided to open up a lounge and retail shop so we could give our customers the enjoyment they deserve in a lovely lounge with a wealth of knowledge. What we offer here is a relaxed but fun environment. The lounge is a place to unwind, drink, and smoke fine cigars!
We have a licensed bar with comfortable leather seating.

If you fancy working in our lounge please feel free to! We have plenty of tables and chairs next to electrical sockets to accommodate those who wish to work. 

We do our best to make everyone feel welcome whilst smoking beautiful, luxury cigars inspired by good taste.

As Joan Colins once said, “Only fine cigars are worth smoking and only
men who smoke fine cigars are worth kissing”

We are keen to talk with new customers and eager to help in any way.

We are exceptionally knowledgeable in the world of tobacco and are happy to help with any query you may have regarding cigars or accessories. 

We welcome new and experienced cigar smokers.

Our mission is to enlighten beginners to the wonderful world of cigars and offer the experienced, a venue worthy of smoking in.

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