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Fettercairn 12 Year Old Whisky

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Bottle Size: 70cl

Fettercairn’s founder, Sir Alexander Ramsay was one of the Scottish landowners who campaigned to license Scotch Whisky distillation. In 1824 he was one of the first to apply for a license and the Fettercairn Distillery was opened. In 1973 Whyte & Mackay acquired the Fettercairn Distillery and it has remained with the company since.


Fetttercairn is a pure spirit which is crafted by its unique stills and forged through temperature maturation. In the mid 1950s, the whisky makers at Fettercairn experimented, seeking ways to create a purer expression of their spirit. They found that pouring water down the still cooled the copper, increasing condensation inside so only the lightest vapours could rise for collection. They fashioned a copper tube around the top of the still to continually douse it with water— an ingenious and practical solution which remains unique in Scotch whisky making to this day.

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